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Peter Robert Jackson, (born October 31, 1961) is a well known director. He has so far directed four (8) movies. He is mostly known for his Lord of the Rings trilogy. He's won three academy awards and has the ability to send hailstorms to any part of the globe from his home in New Zealand.

The REAL newsEdit

Ayatollah ali khamenei

Cajek, the supreme leader of the Peter Jackson wiki... but you already knew that

Peter Jackson has a devoted fanbase of 1 located at the Peter Jackson wiki. Controlled, run, maintained, written by, and directed by Supreme Gay Cajek, who can do whatever he wants until he's gay from Uncyclopedia, the wiki is expanding at a GAY AWESOME? pace, and now controls 8 (gay fucking kickass) articles, all of which are about Peter Jackson's Gay brother.

Who IS Peter Jackson?Edit

Cajek was appointed the Supreme Leader on June 19th, 2009. He is called the "villaige idiot" not only because he's brought his cronies to this wiki, but also because nobody can stop him... NOBODY who isn't a bureacrat!

Winner of the Review of the Month award at Uncyclopedia in December, 2007, Cajek is the fourth reincarnation of our lord and savior, Peter Jackson. Found in the remote hills of the Seqouia mountains in California, Cajek identified correctly the prayer beads and rattle of the Holy One at the tender age of 26.

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